4 Things Brands Need in a Retail POS System

point of sale systems for retail

Having troubles choosing the right Point of Sale system for your retail store? Here are 4 things brands need in a Retail POS system!


What is the best Point of Sale system for your retail store? If you are having troubles choosing the right system, we understand you completely. The choice is endless and making the right decision is not that simple.

Before you make a decision, you need to ask yourself – what do you need from your Point of Sale system?

When you sell a product in a physical store, you as a seller aren’t just making a transaction. The ultimate goal is to establish a relationship and in order to do that, you need your Retail POS system to offer a customer experience that encourages customers shopping with you in your store, online, now and in the future.

Here are 4 things brands need in a Retail POS system:

    1. Stock Visibility – Knowing exactly what is available helps you avoid stock-outs and enhance customer relationships. A retail POS system shouldn’t just display what is available in stock, it should also show what is available in the warehouse.
    2. Multichannel Customer Experience – The customers expect the same experience in-store and online. They want accurate and consistent information and pricing. A great Retail POS system should easily integrate with your product data for providing consistent information.
    3. Brand Routing – A reliable and secure Retail POS system will help you keep your customers happy and satisfied. For instance, the product they want may be sold out in one place and if that product is available in your warehouse, you should give your customers the option to complete the sale. The Retail Point of Sales system should allow you to route the order to another brand or warehouse for later pickup or home delivery.
    4. Customer Care – A good Retail POS System helps you take a proper care of your customers. It will allow you to run your multichannel and loyalty programs, handle returns when the product is not right, and much more.

To conclude – a good retail Point of Sale system rides on multi-location stock visibility, multichannel, and synchronization. By keeping these 4 things in mind, you will be able to find the right POS solution for your retail store.

Some of the best Retail POS systems we would like to recommend are ShopKeep, RetailPro, ePosNow, Square, and Revel Systems.

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